All in a book: The Lost Coffees of Anatolia

The Lost Coffees of Anatolia (Anadolu’nun Kayıp Kahveleri) introducing unique, authentic, different types of  coffee drinks from Turkey. It’s an important book for cultural heritage

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The Lost Coffees of Anatolia (Anadolu’nun Kayıp Kahveleri) is a new book written by Naim Koca and Atilla Narin and published by Kutlu Yayınevi. The book is including 30 different types of Turkish coffee drinks that still brewing and presenting in different cities of Turkey. Some of these authentic coffee drinks taking names by their different ingredients and some of them taken names by their unique presentations. The writers are both working in the coffee industry for several years and still in. They did their research about five years for this book. The most coffee types in the book even not well-known by many Turkish citizen. While most of them (or us) leaving in big cities, drinking the well-known coffee types, in small places of Anataolia, some locals still doing their own type coffee. They’re using their own ingredients or own brewing style or own presentation. Even there are some secrets can’t told in the book but can be taste!

It’s a project that includes a documentary too

Kahveli Okur reached the writer Naim Koca. Koca states that this is not only a book but also a project. Koca said, “We are thinking to improve the book. Because still there are many coffee types out there untold and unwritten. We hope people will reach us. We will also do a documentary project. Already waiting a confirmation and support from Ministry of Culture. We already know many places to shoot. It will be 11 episode”.

Find your own taste for Turkish Coffee

Naim Koca thinks Turkish Coffee is the only coffee brewing while coffee grounds remains in the coffee. He states that Turkish Coffee has an important role in the culture: “Turkish Coffee is a speaking coffee. When people do girl request and the girl didn’t want, they made it salty, or in some situations spicy. Coffee speaks instead of people. Turkish Coffee shouldn’t brew on steam machines. It should touch the fire. Coffee pots are important too. Today, most of them fabricated products. They’re all same. Handmade coffee pots are giving better taste. Rio Minas coffee beans are the coffe beans that everybody using for Turkish Coffee. I tried with different beans and i liked somehow but many people still prefering Rio Minas. I think every bean can be use to brew Turkish Coffee. But palatal delight is important. Don’t give up on first tasting. Try 3-4 times for each beans and find your own taste.”

Naim Koca

Three different coffee

Finally we asked Naim Koca to choose three coffee in all of those coffees introduced in the book. Three different coffee! He choose the following coffee types:

1- Coffee of War (Savaşın Kahvesi): This is a coffee that people start to use during World War 1. It’s not including the real coffee bean. Because of the war, it wasn’t easy to find coffee beans and people found their own solution. They roasted chickpea and added black sesame (cumin)! This coffee can be taste at Burdur.

2- Vetch Coffee (Burçak Kahvesi): Same as above this one has not including the coffee bean too. Locals roasted vetches instead of coffee and they believe it’s good for stomach aches.

3- Zingeralla: A man in Muğla felt in love to a tourist girl and in the name of this love he did a new coffee type and presented as Zingarella! Today, his son is brewing this coffee. Not tells the secret because it’s his father’s love and he respects that.

You can find more detail about the these coffee types and more in The Lost Coffees of Anatolia (Anadolu’nun Kayıp Kahveleri). We hope that the book will also translate the other languages. Authentic, different tastes, very different presentation types and more all in this book. The Lost Coffees of Anatolia is an important work for cultural heritage.


Anadolu’nun Kayıp Kahveleri (The Lost Coffees of Anatolia)

Naim Koca & Atilla Narin

Kutlu Yayınevi, 2018

200 page


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